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Residences sales: Agios Loukas


Ioulis, the main village of the isle, is situated on a hill, a good 10 minute drive following the curvy road from the Korissia port. The village enjoys breathtaking panoramic views of the island and of the part of the Aegean placed between greater Athens and Kea. Bypassing Ioulis and continuing on the same road after a 0.50 kilometer and before the conjunction (direction Koundouros or Kato Meria) one turns right and reaches the area of Agios Loukas.

In this spot, lying on the left side of the road and in an altitude of 200 meters, the 2 house units are overlooking the Aegean Sea. Each house, built in accordance to the precepts of the local architecture, blends seamlessly into the barren Cycladic surroundings. Both units have a Western oriented view which extends from the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion all the way to the southernmost tip of the island of Evvoia.


  • Residence L1 covers a total area of 117 square meters in a plot of 580 square meters
  • Residence L2 covers a total area of 109 square meters in a plot of 2.100 squaremeters

Each independent house is divided in three separate levels. Designed in a way to enhance spacial functionality the livable areas of the unit are taking advantage of the very last square centimeter available.

Upper level (attic) overlooking the living room

Ground level encompassing the kitchen and the living room in one area and one separate bathroom

Lower level area containing 2 living rooms, one bathroom and spacious storeroom


Essential to our philosophy has always been the exclusion of luxuries and superfluous materials and the prominence given to the functionality of the spaces and to the quality and of the building materials. Primary emphasis has been given to the electrical and hydraulic grids as well as to exterior wooden frames (windows, patio doors etc.).

Apart from the conventional features each housing unit includes:

  • Silent water pump system providing hot & cold water
  • Independent power supply for electrical wall heaters
  • Built-in electrical appliances (ceramic cooker, cooker hood, refrigerator-freezer, and dishwasher)
  • Fully equipped wood burning fireplace
  • Double glazed with clear glass wooden windows and patio doors
  • 16 m3 individual water tank and rain water harvesting system
  • High quality German made wooden exterior frames
  • Large patios (120 m2 stone tiled area) and watertight pergolas in the outdoor sitting areas
  • Horizontal stone leveling of the houses’ grounds
  • Fully shaped outdoor areas
  • Wall mounted antenna socket
  • Power and water supply for the outdoor areas

    Main trait of the houses is the wooden roof and the wooden attic which depending on one’s needs can be used as guestroom, as extension of the sitting area or as a study. The white walls craft a deep contrast with the dark brown color of the wooden surfaces. Last but not least, the outsized veranda doors create a seamless environment with the patio which is tiled with irregularly shaped Karystos stones.